Blackbuck Conservation Area

The Blackbuck Conservation Area is located in 16.95 square km under Gulaliya Municipality for the preservation of Rare Wildlife Krishna in a natural condition in Khairpur area of Bardia district of Midwest region. The Nepal government has declared the region as a charismatic protection zone on 06 March 2009. In the total area, of the residential area of Krishna is 5.27 sq km. and the affected area is 11.68 sq km.

During the establishment of Bardia Wildlife Reserve in 2031 B.S., it was expected to have disappeared from all over Nepal, including Banke, Bardiya district. After the Bardia Wildlife reserve (now Bardia National Park) established, Krishnasar was discovered on Ashwin 2032 B.S. whether Krishna has remained in Banke Bardiya. At that time, an old male had broken a horn, an adult spear, three females including four children, total 9  Kishnasar were found, in the wild side of the forestry of Khairi Panditpur, Bardia. The blackbuck (Antilope Cervicarpa), also locally known as "Krishnasar". In order to complete the preservation of Krishnasar, thus, a conservation checkpoint was erected as a charity security force of five armed force of Forest department. As a result of this same effort, the number of protected regions of Nepal increased by the number of Krishnasar, population to 281. In this context, the protection area has been established by Krishnasar as it is very important to preserve Krishnasar conservation.

Krishna celebrates the open grass on the grounds, namely Dubo and bronze. That is why the animal animals, buffalo, sheep goats living together and staying on the right side. These have been continually reviewed and updated. According to Krishna, the necessary physical construction and habitat management are taking place in order to organize conservation areas. The conservation sector management plan has been planning to transfer the responsibility for its protection and management to the local community in the future.

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