Manaslu Conservation Area

The Manaslu Conservation Area is a protected area in Nepal. This conservation area, located in the Gorkha and Manang district of Western Development Zone, is connected to the borders of the State northwestern China, of China on the north, and it spread across the west to the border of the Annapurna Conservation region. Established in 1998 it covers 1,663 km2 (642 sq mi) in the Mansiri Himal range of the Himalayas in the Gorkha District. The area comprises mountains, glaciers, and watercourses. In elevation, the area ranges from 1,400 m (4,600 ft) to 8,156 m (26,759 ft) at the Manaslu.

This conservation area is open for foreigners only in 1991. After 10 days' journey being the edge of the Budhi Gandaki river from the Gorkha headquarters, across the Lakre Bhanjyang (5106 m), it can be reached in this area. The area's height is 600 m. to 8th high peak (8,163 m) of the world has spread to the Manaslu. Its area is 1,663 sq km There are 7 G.B.S. under which conservation area.

About 7,000 local Gurung (Bhuttia) castes have been found in this area of natural and cultural heritage. Their habitat is similar to Tibetan culture and the main profession is based on animal husbandry and agriculture. In the winter season, they fall down in search of work. In this conservation area, there are about 29 species of mammals such as snow leopard, musk deer, and Himalayan Tahr, as well as about 110 species of birds and three species of reptiles and over 1500-2000 species of flowering plants.

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