Nepal's Longest River Karnali River Rafting and Kayaking

Karnali River Rafting and Kayaking is Nepal's longest river, the Karnali springs from the base of Mt.Kalish in Tibet, the middle of the universe for both Buddhist and Hindu religions. Flowing south into Nepal it types the major drainage system of the western districts.

The Karnali is one of the finest BIG extent river trips in the world, a basic day trip into Nepal remote, Wild West. Starting factor is Sauli the place the river drops into imposing canyons filled with powerful big extent white water.

These canyons go with the flow into the scarcely populated areas of a pristine jungle teeming with considerable hen and wildlife. Towards the cease of the trip, the river gradient starts to ease as the Karnali leaves the mountains and flows into the Gangetic plains on the Terai.

The jungle thickens as the river broadens and the pristine seashores emerge as bigger and even more beautiful. Through the least inhabited vicinity of the usa till 8 days won’t see a single signal of the modern world which makes this a great multi-day river rafting, more forced and charitable larger more incessant and serious rapids. Karnali rafting is a perfect day out for those looking an extra special experience of Nepal, beautiful scenery, splendid river motion and all the benefits of a lengthy river trip in Nepal.

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